How Does Six Month Smiles Braces Work?

Six Month Smiles is an accelerated tooth straightening treatment that straightens the teeth in about six months. It is an ideal option for adults who have crooked teeth but want to avoid lengthy orthodontic treatment.

Six-month smiles use clear braces that are very similar to traditional metal braces. These smile correctors gradually shift the jaw forward for better alignment and a more proportionate smile. The brackets and wires are tooth-colored for a low-profile look, and the gentle force is more comfortable than traditional metal braces.

Six-month smiles are also more affordable than other orthodontic treatments, making it a good choice for patients who need mild correction but don't want to wait years for treatment.

How Do Six Month Smiles Work?

If you move forward with the six-month smiles option, then we will fit you with a set of clear brackets that blend in with your natural tooth color. These will attach to the front of your teeth, which are visible when you smile. They will use gentle pressure to guide your teeth into position over the course of around six months. While you are wearing these appliances, you will need to practice excellent oral care in order to keep them clean and avoid stains. You can rinse them under warm water whenever you remove them from your mouth. We will give you some specific instructions on how to care for them at home before you leave our office. Typically, you will only need to wear them for about eight hours a day. For example, you can remove them to eat your meals and clean your teeth. They are made to be worn over the top of your upper or lower arch, depending on your needs. After your treatment is complete, you will wear a retainer at night to keep your new smile in place. Since they are removable, you can take them out when you want to briefly remove the appliance for cleaning.

Some patients find that they only need to wear their retainers for just a few months, while others need to continue the treatment for up to a year. The exact amount of time that you need to retain the results will vary based on the exact nature of your misaligned smile. Your dentist will be able to discuss this with you in more detail during your consultation with us.

How Quickly Will Six Month Smiles braces Straighten My Teeth?

The average treatment time with this type of system is around six months – that's half the average length of treatment for conventional metal braces!

The clear brackets fit over your teeth and are also completely removable, so you'll be able to continue to eat your favorite foods throughout the course of your treatment. Plus, you'll spend less time at the dentist's office since your appointments will be less frequent.

Will I Need to Remove my Existing Teeth for Six Month Smiles braces to Work?

No, you do not need to remove any of your existing teeth for the treatment to work. Instead, the brackets and wires gently guide your teeth into a straighter alignment over the top of them. This treatment is ideal for mild to moderate misalignments. If you have more severe issues or bite problems, then we may recommend that you look into another option, like a full set of traditional metal braces. However, you may be able to combine the two treatments to get the best results possible with your smile.

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